Stage 1: Pre-Production

If there is an aspect of videography that’s more important than the act of filming itself, it’s the preparation that goes into it. Pre-production efforts are what make for truly great projects. Once the camera starts rolling, planning is not an option. The workflow of video production truly starts with pre-production and this phase of the creative process cannot be taken lightly.

“Let’s really think this through before we start”

Is DEFINITELY the best business advice that you will ever get.

Our media team meets with our clients and more than a brief they try to focus on communicating with the client regarding their likes and dislikes. Everybody can follow instructions from a project brief but we want more than a product, we want you to be a part of the process and the end product to be great and not just good. We take our clients briefs and communications and translate them into a production plan. This stage includes the most important aspects of the entire process and they are

  • Research
  • Script
  • Schedule
  • A break-down of shorts and locations
  • Stage 2: Production

    This is not our first time working wonders with film. We have previously created dynamic videography for some great brands, both big and small. During this stage our video production crew does the actual filming on location. The production process itself is all about shooting, angles, script and lighting.

    The most important aspect during this process is understanding the “specific needs” of the client. Each video project we have shot is specific. Our work is original and each time we try to enhance the client’s vision not change it and that is our shooting strength. We love shooting all kinds of projects and no project is too big or small for us. We shoot Brand events, Events, Training camps, seminars, Commercials and Promos.

    Stage 3: Post Production

    The modern age of filming is not all about raw creativity. The shooting process must always be followed by a process of “finishing”, “cleaning” and “smoothing out” any wrinkles that might have been left out during the pre and production phases. Editing, color grading and many other post production efforts are carried out by our editors and visual effects experts (when required). Our team of experts has the ability to redeem even the worst of a shooting process if they have to. Our post-production team is comprised of creative directors, designers, animators, editors, compositors, music composers, and audio engineers that aim to deliver the best sound quality they can. We post-production services include but are not limited to,

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid
  • Adobe Premiere Editing
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • After Effects
  • MAYA
  • Color Correction
  • Music Scoring
  • Video Streaming
  • We never cut out the client from this stage, as it is crucial to get the client on the same page during this stage. The first draft is always sent before finalization of the end product. The edited video draft is sent to the client for feedback and till the final approval is gained we continue toiling in our digital studio, FOR YOU! Other aspects of our services are,

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Corporate Video

    While Softwarestudios365 focuses on fun and creativity we do realize the somber look required from a corporate video. We make sure that your corporate video looks impressive and minimalistic with no fuss and a very professional undertone. We have produced a number of corporate videos to great success and it is our understanding of our clients that gets us repeat business on empty promises and missed deadlines.

    Our clientele comes from corporate, government and non-profit sectors and we look forward to adding new names to this list.